10 of the best pizzas in London

Universally popular, pizza is the go-to dining option for almost all social situations – from clumsy first dates to children’s birthday parties. But, while it may be widely appreciated, it isn’t always treated with the care and respect it deserves. Even in London, which is now thronging with pizza providers, city folk are all too […]

10 affordable things to do in Brighton this Autumn

Autumn sees Brighton return to relative calm and tranquillity after the thronging crowds of summer – and in many ways it’s the best time of year to visit the famous English seaside city. Blissfully empty beaches and wild seascapes characterise Brighton, the vibrant resort city on England’s southcoast, during the Autumn months. But it also […]

Five of the best hike and bike trails around Margate

One of the oldest seaside towns in England, Margate is a medley of fading Victorian grandeur and buzzing creative energy. Vintage shops, independent galleries and craft beer dens stand alongside old-fashioned fairground rides, arcade games and donkey rides. All just an hour and a half from London. But, there’s plenty to tempt you away from […]

The 5 Best Restaurants in Ipswich

Historic Ipswich is a county town with roots that stretch back at least to the Roman occupation. It has been continuously inhabited since the Saxon era. The town centre therefore has some delightful old buildings, some of which make for excellent restaurants. Eateries along the waterfront add another dimension to the culinary experience. The River […]

Five of the best hostels in Florence

Florence, with its fine art, food and fortified palaces, may not immediately spring to mind as a budget-friendly break, but it has plenty to offer backpackers on a shoestring budget. The entire city is an open-air museum, with spectacular architecture, historic palazzi and renaissance sculptures to be explored even before you set foot inside a […]

3 Affordable Paris Dinner Cruises

The proud capital of the most-visited country in the world, Paris is renowned as the city of light and love. It is home to some of the most recognizable landmarks in the world – the Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triumph, The Louvre – and packs a powerful punch, no matter how many times you […]

10 Free and Affordable Things to Do in Brighton

Mixing rakish seaside charm with elegant Georgian architecture, Brighton is one of the stars of England’s south coast. Big-ticket attractions like the extravagant Royal Pavilion and towering i360 Tower are part of the appeal, while the city’s nightlife bustles with energy, and its festivals are among Britain’s best. The pavilion and i360, as well as […]

3 affordable tours from London to Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the world’s most prehistoric monuments and one of the greatest mysteries in English history. Built before the Great Pyramids, the ancient rock formation was constructed from 25-ton sarsen stones sourced more than twenty miles away and bluestone sourced all the way from Wales. How the stones got there, before the invention […]

10 of the best boutiques in Birmingham

Birmingham has reinvented itself as a worthy weekend destination. The 19th Century industrial powerhouse has transformed into a dynamic hive of creativity, with independent galleries, street food festivals, live music and more Michelin stars than anywhere outside of London. And, with a £700million regeneration scheme in the works, Britain’s second city will only become more […]

3 Affordable Milan Food and Wine Tours

Big, brash and industrious, Milan is nevertheless a city full of flair, with a well-earned reputation for creativity. It may not have Rome’s three thousand-year history or Venice’s picture-perfect gondolas, but it can comfortably claim the title of Italy’s most stylish city. The leader of Italy’s fashion and design industry, Milan oozes style, from its gothic […]