Survey: Hotel rates in Japan for Rugby World Cup 2019

September 19, 2019

A survey by has analysed hotel rates across Japan for the Rugby World Cup 2019. For each game scheduled to be played at the tournament, which runs from 20 September to 2 November, the price for the cheapest available double room in a hotel rated three stars or more was established.

The good news is that rugby fans will only have to cough up more than £100 for around 10 games, However, complications could lie in wait for fans travelling to two of the quarter finals being played in Oita, a small city on the island of Kyushu. If England and Ireland progress to this stage, they will both play their fixtures here, meaning that hotel rooms are likely to be scarce.

Indeed, no rooms are currently available in Oita on the 19 or 20 October – the dates of the two quarter finals – meaning that supporters would have to travel to neighbouring town Beppu, about 30 minutes from Oita by train. Here, a handful of hotels are still offering rooms – but at a significant cost, with rates of £350 per night representing an increase of about 300% on regular prices.

Of all England's group games, accommodation would be priciest for their clash with France in Yokohama, where supporters will have to spend at least £174 for a double room. However, if they decide to stay in Tokyo, (less than 30 minutes from Yokohama by train), they are likely to find 3-star hotel rooms for less than £100.

Besides a potential quarter final, Ireland supporters would have to spend a touch more (£ 156) for a room for their group game against Japan. For Wales and Scotland fans, the priciest game for accommodation would be the final (£105).

The table below shows the 10 games of RWC 2019 for which accommodation rates are at their most expensive. Prices displayed are based on the least expensive double room (1 night) in a hotel rated at least 3 stars. All prices were established on September 15 via hotel comparison website Kajak.

Please note: As no rooms are currently available in Oita for the dates of both quarter finals, the rates shown below are for the neighbouring town of Beppu.

Game Date City Rate
Quarter Final 3 Oct.20 Oita (Beppu) £345
Quarter Final 1 Oct.19 Oita (Beppu) £341
New Zealand vs Canada Oct.2 Oita £237
England vs France Oct.5 Yokohama £174
Japan vs Ireland Sep.28 Shizuoka £156
New Zealand vs South Africa Sep.21 Yokohama £140
Australia vs Uruguay Oct.5 Oita £113
Ireland vs Samoa Oct.12 Fukuoka £112
Final Nov.2 Yokohama £111
Australia vs Fiji Sep.5 Sapporo £105

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