An analysis of hotel rates on English Premier League match days

Updated: December 2, 2019

When Liverpool FC play at their famous Anfield home the reverberations are felt across the city – including, even, in its hotels, where match day rates were found in a new survey to surge by an eye-popping 74% on average.

The survey by assessed room rates in UK towns and cities from October to December 2019 for the purpose of determining the impact of Premier League games on hotel prices.

For each of the 20 current Premier League clubs, the average rate for the cheapest hotel room (3 or 4 stars) in the city centre on match days was established. Furthermore, the average price increase on a match day, compared to a non-match day, was also identified.

In Liverpool, supporters have to pay on average £121 for a room on match days at Anfield. Compared to regular rates, that’s an increase of over 70% - making it the biggest difference recorded among all 20 clubs.

Other destinations with substantial hotel price increases on match days are Wolverhampton (+37%), Leicester (+27%) and Burnley (+24%). Since there are only a small number of hotels in these towns, it doesn’t take many overnight visitors to spark a rise in hotel rates.

For the five London-based clubs currently playing in the Premier League, all hotels in Central London were considered. However, the survey found that match days have no significant impact on rates here, likely due to the large selection of hotels available in the capital.

The survey showed that the number of home games each club is due to play on a Sunday has a significant impact on average hotel rates. This is because, in general, hotel rates from Sunday to Monday are more affordable than from Saturday to Sunday. As a result, and by way of example, average hotel rates in London for Chelsea home games (0 games on a Sunday from October to December) is significantly lower than for Arsenal (3 Sunday home games during the same period).

The table below shows the average price for the most affordable hotel room on home match days for all 20 current Premier League clubs, as well as the average rate increase compared to a non-match day. For all destinations, only centrally located hotels rated three or four stars were considered. Hotel rates were analysed for all Premier League games from 1 October to 31 December 2019.

Please note: For the 5 London clubs as well as Brighton and Bournemouth, the average recorded hotel price increase was below 5% and considered non significant (N/S).

Club (City) Avg Hotel Rate Avg Increase
Liverpool £121 +74%
Wolverhampton £87 +37%
Leicester £76 +27%
Burnley £78 +24%
Southampton £85 +22%
Norwich £55 +19%
Newcastle £72 +17%
Manchester United £54 +16%
Sheffield £45 +12%
Everton (Liverpool) £73 +8%
Watford £77 +7%
Aston Villa (Birmingham) £68 +6%
Manchester City £52 +5%
Chelsea (London) £103 N/S
Tottenham (London) £98 N/S
West Ham (London) £97 N/S
Crystal Palace (London) £95 N/S
Arsenal (London) £86 N/S
Brighton £62 N/S
Bournemouth £35 N/S

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