Like a Local: The Best 6 Cafes in Windsor


After visiting the magnificent Windsor Castle or taking a leisurely stroll along the Thames River, one can start to feel a little parched and peckish. It seems as though Windsor’s residents have anticipated this need however, for there are plenty of lovely cafes throughout the town.

Coffee with love (Photo: Craft Coffee House)

Frequently, the best located cafes in Windsor don’t offer the best service and drinks, but the lovely town is rather small and there’s never that far to travel to reach the best cafes. Styles range from airy tea rooms to modern coffee shops with low-key furnishings, so plenty of different preferences are catered to. Here is a list of six of the best that Windsor has to offer.

Craft Coffee House

If good coffee is your thing then Craft Coffee House is a great choice. The coffee is treated with the reverence it deserves to be top notch and the décor has a contemporary feel, with wooden tables inside and out. A plywood coffee station, naked bulb lighting and bare brick walls round out the design. If there’s no time to stop and sip then takeaway teas and coffees are also available, as are a range of snacks and pastries, like croissants and macarons.

8 George V Place, SL4 1QP

Craft Coffee House’s stylish interior (Photo: Craft Coffee House)

Monty’s Café

Particularly if you’re feeling hungry, Monty’s is an excellent choice of café in Windsor. Although the furthest from Windsor Castle on this list, at just under half a mile, the five-minute walk is well worth it for the extensive lunch or breakfast menus. On the latter are eggs Benedict dripping in hollandaise sauce, or full English breakfasts with vegetarian or meat options. The staff’s service is consistently praised here too for creating an amiable atmosphere to complement the gustation.

15 St. Leonard’s Road, SL4 3BN

Limes Dine-in Bakery

The colourful interior at Limes (Photo: Limes)

As the name suggests, there’s a clear speciality at Limes of the sweet variety (rather than the lime-based variety). Polaroid pictures of the baker’s creative cakes are pinned up on one wall. There’s also a fantastic lunch deli here if you want an appetiser before the main cake course. Fantastic ploughman’s lunches are available with generous wedges of cheddar and blue cheese. Sandwiches and wraps are also on offer along with a good selection of standard or flavoured teas.

2 Market Street, SL4 1PD

Clarence Tea Room

For more of a traditional tea room vibe with seating in wooden-beam interiors by large windows, try Clarence Tea Room. Situated just south of the Castle, this upmarket choice is more in keeping with the regal motif of the Royal household. One of the best options here is the cream tea, which offers the classic scones, jam and cream combo. Alternatively, opt for afternoon tea elegance by adding in cucumber sandwiches and a glass of Prosecco. There is also a great middle ground option between the two. There is a range of teas to choose from, including Earl Grey and Darjeeling. Clarence also has a brasserie for more substantial meals.

8-9 Church Street, SL4 1PE

Café Copia

Items from Cafe Copia’s healthy lunch menu (Photo: Cafe Copia)

Café Copia is another reliable choice for coffee lovers. They keep things simple and reliable by offering only two coffees: their own medium-roasted, 100% arabica blend, and a single-origin coffee, usually from the volcanic slopes of Costa Rica. Tea lovers are similarly treated to loose-leaf, organic options, along with herbal and fruit infusions. On the food front, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are available for breakfast and lunch along with meaty wraps and sandwiches.

23 Thames Street, SL4 1PL

Bite Café

Mexican fare at Bite Cafe (Photo: Bite Cafe)

When you combine large portions of quality food with very competitive prices you end up with an excellent place to grab a bite after a good amount of exploration. Hence the name. Try not to turn up too late as most days Bite Café closes by 4pm. There’s a delightful Mexican influence on the menu, with burritos, homemade salsa, grilled peppers and nachos on offer alongside the humble toasty. That may seem like a lot of food talk, but the high volume of rave reviews about it speaks for itself, in a café with otherwise understated décor.

21 St. Leonard’s Road, SL4 3BP

By Paul Stafford