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Guild Sheep Drive 2017

London Bridge, 27 September
The City of London is normally characterised by herds of suited businesss folk trudging towards another day of office toil, but for one day each year the historic district is taken over by herds of a more literal kind altogether. Taking place in late September, the 2017 edition of the annual Guild Sheep Drive 2017 saw 600 Freemen of the City exercising their ancient rights by driving sheep back and forth across London Bridge towards Southwark in an event that raised more than £26,000 for charity. Among those responsible for ensuring the sheeps’ safe passage was popular cook, food writer and TV presenter Mary Berry CBE, herself a Freeman of the City, who donned a woollen suit and a shepherd’s crook for the occasion. The day also included a wool fair, featuring over 50 stands selling a range of woollen goods and other luxury accessories, along with artisan street food, craft ales, cocktails and ice cream. (Photo by Andy Sillett of On Sight Photographic)
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