5 of the Best Vintage Shops in Sheffield


Sheffield might once have been famous for its foundries and forges, but for millennials and Gen-Z shoppers visiting today, it’s a paradise for all things pre-loved. From couture to crockery, the Steel City is teeming with vintage shops. With so many to choose from, we’ve selected five of our favourites. 

Vintage treasure hunting is no longer a thrifty middle-aged pursuit, it’s a mainstream hobby. As consumers move towards a more circular lifestyle – and a creeping nostalgia for all things pre-Millenium seeps into every aspect of popular culture– shopping vintage, instead of fast, just makes sense. In the UK, Sheffield is leading the way with dozens of boutiques, markets and stalls dedicated to pre-loved fashion, accessories and homeware. If you’re short on time, we’ve cherry-picked five of the best vintage shops in Sheffield. 

Jojo’s General Store

best vintages shops in Sheffield

Jojo’s General Store is packed full of vintage menswear (Photo: Jojo’s General Store)

Ask any well-dress fella’ strolling around Sheffield city centre where they bought their vintage Japanese ski smock, and the answer will probably be ‘Jojo’s General Store’. Opened in 2016, this flagship store specializes – rather unusually for the industry – in menswear. It’s teeming with iconic gear from brands like Barbour, Belstaff and Berghaus, mostly sourced from England, Japan and the USA. Items date back as far as the Victorian period, but the shop is far from stuffy. There’s something for everyone here, with prices ranging from £2 to £2000 for collector’s items. A real treasure trove. 

Find out more at Jojo’s General Store

Thrifty Store 

One of Sheffield’s largest vintage shops (Photo: Thrifty)

Thrifty Store is one of Sheffield’s biggest vintage shops. The sleek space is brimming with rails full of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. There’s a sporty spin on the clothing here – think Nike, Puma and Addidas – but there’s plenty of trusty denim here too. As well as clothing, there’s a good range of homeware, records and other collectables on offer, so your home can be as well-dressed as you. Affordably priced and well-curated, it’s one of the best vintage shops in Sheffield for finding a one-of-a-kind item that encapsulates the city’s ‘wavy’ spirit. 

Find out more at Thrifty Store Sheffield


There’s a wide range of clothing on offer at Freshmans (Photo: Freshmans)

One of Sheffield’s first-ever boutiques dedicated to pre-loved fashion, Freshmans is practically a local institution, beloved by everyone from thrifty students to young professionals. There are rails and racks packed full of Arran jumpers, Levis jeans, tartan pencil trousers, bomber jackets, and just about everything in between. Authentic cowboy boots? Check. Clueless-style two-piece? At your service. It also boasts an extensive range of vintage couture pieces, from vintage Burberry jackets to Ralph Lauren sweatshirts. Students get a 10% discount on clothing too. 

Find out more at Freshmans 

Preloved Kilo 

Thrifty shoppers can pick up vintage clothing by the kilo (Photo: Preloved Kilo)

If it’s sheer quantity you’re looking for, Preloved Kilo is an excellent option. Customers can buy vintage clothes in bulk (a kilo) for £15, which makes it one of the cheapest vintage stores in the city. It’s not all tatt though, with hidden gems ranging from ‘60s minidresses to vintage aviator jackets. Heavy items are capped at £15 too. The store is located in what used to be Mooch, another beloved vintage store that closed in 2020. Mooch’s legacy lives on at Preloved though; its former director is now Chief Buyer at the store. 

Find out more at PrelovedKilo.com

Sheffield Antiques Emporium

best vintages shops in Sheffield

Sheffield Antiques Emporium is one of the best vintage shops in Sheffield (Photo: Sheffield Antiques Emporium)

Located in Sheffield’s aptly-named Antiques Quarter, Sheffield Antiques Emporium is the place to go for vintage, collectables and retro wares. Spread across two vast floors, you’ll find more than 60 traders conveniently located under one roof. While there are some specialist clothing dealers, this is really the place to come for kooky and quirky homeware – grandfather clocks, lava lamps and obscure Victorian cutlery. When the visual fatigue hits, you can hotfoot to the emporium’s charming tea room for homemade lunches, toasties and cakes.

Find out more at SheffieldAntiquesEmporium.co.uk

By Allie d’Almo