The Most Expensive Spring Destinations in the UK

April 14 , 2014
Travelers to the UK this upcoming spring who are seeking a bargain will want to steer clear of London, Oxford, Bath and Aberdeen. These four cities rank as the most expensive UK destinations this April based on the cost of their lodging. The rankings were compiled from the results of a new survey from

Lodging cost in the UK’s 20 top destinations served as the basis for the rankings. London ranked number one on the survey with an average overnight price tag of £93 for the cheapest available double room this April. This average cost for each respective destination encompasses hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast inns. To be considered by the survey, an accommodation had to be centrally located and rated at least three stars.

Coming in second on the survey at an average nightly rate of £86 is the university town of Oxford. Rounding out the top three is Bath at £74 per night. Scotland’s most expensive destination, Aberdeen, followed, ranking fourth most expensive overall. At an average nightly rate of £72 for the least expensive double room, Aberdeen just missed the top three.

Are hotel rates significantly more expensive for the Easter holidays? According to the survey, a holiday rate hike is only the case in Bath, Belfast and Edinburgh. In the other UK destinations reviewed by the survey, hotel rates will increase only slightly, or may even drop, over the long Easter weekend.

The following table compares the UK’s 20 main tourist destinations based on their lodging cost this spring. The prices shown reflect the average daily rate for each destination’s cheapest available double room (minimum: 3-star hotel, guest house or B&B) for the time period spanning April 1st through the 30th.

  1. London £93
  2. Oxford £86
  3. Bath £74
  4. Aberdeen £72
  5. Brighton £67
  6. Edinburgh £63
  7. Liverpool £57
  8. Bristol £57
  9. York £54
  10. Cambdridge £53
  1. Glasgow £51
  2. Newcastle £47
  3. Southamton £46
  4. Cardiff £46
  5. Leeds £43
  6. Belfast £43
  7. Manchester £42
  8. Bournemouth £38
  9. Birmingham £37
  10. Nottingham £34

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