Soho Ranks as London’s Most Expensive Neighborhood for Travelers

September 22, 2014
Travelers planning a trip to London may want to steer clear of Soho if they happen to be on a budget. London’s West End neighborhood has just earned the distinction of being the city’s most expensive district in which to stay overnight. The rankings were compiled from the latest survey from The survey specifically used cost of lodging to compare London’s various neighborhoods.

In coming up with the rankings, the survey investigated 20 districts in London. For each district it then established the average price a visiting guest can expect to pay for the cheapest available double room during the month of October 2014. In its compilations, the survey included only those hotels that had at least a three-star rating and a positive average client rating.

The entertainment district of Soho, which is bounded by Oxford Street, Regent Street, Charing Cross Road, and Shaftesbury Avenue, topped the rankings. Guests who stay in Soho this October can anticipate an average nightly rate of GBP 219. And that’s for the cheapest available double room. Rounding out the Top 3 and trailing Soho only marginally are the London neighborhoods of Knightsbridge and Mayfair. Average overnight rates of GBP 216 and GBP 214, respectively, pushed these districts into the number two and three slots on the survey.

The following table compares 20 neighborhoods in London based on their lodging cost. The prices shown reflect the average daily rate for each district’s cheapest available double room (minimum: 3-star hotel or guest house) during the month of October 2014. All rates were established over the period of September 8–12, 2014 via a hotel comparison engine.

1. Soho £219
2. Knightsbridge £216
3. Mayfair £214
4. Chelsea £194
5. Belgravia £172
6. The City £154
7. Westminster £151
8. Notting Hill £150
9. Southbank/Waterloo £147
10. Marleybone £145
11. Southwark/London Bridge £132
12. Pimlico £122
12. Fulham £122
14. Bloomsbury £119
15. Hammersmith £118
16. Kensington £114
17. Docklands £106
17. Kings Cross £106
19. Paddington £101
20. Heathrow Airport £59

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